Yellow Tea

Yellow tea (Chinese: 黃茶; pinyin: huángchá) is a rare and expensive variety of tea. It is produced similarly to green tea, but with an added step of being steamed under a damp cloth after oxidation, giving the leaves a slightly yellow colouring. This process also imparts a mellower and less grassy taste than is found in green teas.



Yellow Tea has a sweet, grassy scent, like a cross between honeysuckle and matcha. Flavor-wise, the floral, smooth-sipping tea lacks the tannins found in green and black teas but maintains an earthy, roasted quality. Tea describes the tea as having a "buttery" finish, and though it sounds strange, it's surprisingly accurate.

Whether you are a tea connoisseur or just want to experience what imperial tea tastes like, prepare to appreciate the difference of this rich tea.


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