Vietnamese Tea Culture

Vietnam tea (in ancient Vietnamese word “Che” which have been used for thousand years or “Tra” which is common translated today) is a traditional symbol of Vietnam. Travelers could easily find local people drink tea anywhere, all day in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at any time, when relaxing talking, working, even when eating. Farmers often carry with them big pots of green tea to the field for slaking their thirst during working and according to the farmers, for keeping their health from common diseases such as influenza, diarrhea and parasite.

Every Vietnamese household owns at least a tea-set, yet if any see them drink tea from a bowl, do not be surprised and learn that is the most interesting thing about Vietnam tea culture, especially applied for green tea, which is largely consumed in the countryside.

Different from Japanese, Chinese or other Asian countries, whose tea cultures are quite complicated, mixed tea and herbal tea are attached much importance, Vietnamese love the taste of plain tea (unflavored or unscented tea, served with neither milk nor sugar). Pure green tea is a prime example for this tea feature of Vietnam. All needed for a whole day healthy refresher is green tea leaves and boiled water. The tea favorite bitterness that later turns into romantic sweetness in mouth is all Vietnamese need from a sip of tea.

Thai Nguyen is the most famous in Vietnam for its high quality tea for years thanks to the crystal green color, sweet taste and unique smell. The main tea exports from Thai Nguyen province and Vietnam has written its name to the top 5 tea exporting countries in the world (after Kenya, Sri Lanka, China and India).

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